Monday, August 31, 2020

6 ways to be kind to yourself

Here is a blog post to remind you that self-care is important. Part of self-care is being kind to yourself. You shouldn't let the small things in life bother you but you should look for the silver lining in the areas of your life that shine hope for better opportunities. I'm not a professional and I don't claim to be, here are just some observations that I have made as I set out on this journey of self-care in my own life/ Hopeuflly I can remind you to do the same.

Don't sweat the small stuff 

Oh no, you forgot to set the alarm and overslept again. Now you're going to be late to class or that meeting for work. What can you do to avoid running in late? Try getting your stuff ready the night before. That way in the morning you don't have to sweat the small stuff. 

Forgive yourself 

It's okay to make mistakes. Sometimes you can put your foot in your mouth or be forgetful. There's nothing wrong with you, you just make mistakes sometimes. Allow yourself to forgive yourself and put those moments behind you. You're not there anymore.

Use positive self talk 

Many times when you're performing a task you might find yourself talking yo yourself.. Sometimes self talk slips out in negativity and you have to catch yourself. Phrases usually beginning with "I am" and end with "stupid" or "not good enough" should be replaced with positive phrases such as "I am capable of learning this." You might feel stupid but you're not stupid. 

Go purse shopping 

Purse shopping isn't just fun but it is also healthy for your shoulders. According to this post, your purse can get heavy and weigh on your shoulders giving you back problems. It's a good idea to change your purse from time to time or try buying yourself a new one. 

Treat yourself with treats 

I'm all for eating healthy and exercise but every now and then you should treat yourself with treats. Don't make yourself feel bad for going a little overboard on the sweets. Just set a time to endulge and you will feel better about your weight and yourself the next time you try on those skinny jeans. 

Go on self care trips 

Sometimes when life gets too busy and you get too stressed it's a good idea to plan a self care trip to get your mind off of things. A self care trip such as to the beach or camping can be a good way to regroup before getting back to the fast pace of life. 

Cheesy Tortillas from el Chonete

If your ever pass through San Carlos Costa Rica you have to go to el Chonete. They have excellent typical Tico food at a good price. But what I especially love is their cheesy filled tortillas. 

There is nothing like it. It is a cheesy tortilla filled with melted cheese in a warm tortilla. When you pull it apart you get a satisfying cheese pull. However, when you bite into it you get a creamy and salty taste that is really hard to find anywhere else. I'm obsessed. I could order two or three of these because they are so big and they will fill you up quickly. 

Friday, August 28, 2020

I love E.L.F. make up

In college, I needed quality make up at an affordable price. It's very hard to find good drug store make up but someone recommended E.L.F. cosmetics to me so I gave it a try. 

Some of my favorite thing about it are it's creamy lipstick, foundation and mascara. I really enjoy them because their application is flawkess. I found a foundation that fits my skin tone, I think I am porcelain and it feels so smooth in my skin when I apply it. I also really enjoy their lipsticks because they smell so good. They smell Kirk coconut oil and the application is so smooth. You can use it with a lip balm and it will leave your lips feeling so soft. Finally, I live their mascara because there is a lot of product on the wand. Whenever I pull out the mascara I get a nice coverage of mascara on my lashes and I feel so roetty afterwards. 

I think I will continue using E.LF. cosmetics even after college. It was there for me when I didn't have much money in my pocket and it still feels like a nice brand that I would use daily. I need to get a Rosy pink shade of lip stick the next time I go shopping for lip stick and I want to get it with E L F. My favorite drug store brand so far. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Adventures in La Fortuna

If you're seeking adventure La Fortuna, Costa Rica has a lot for you to do. You can do a tour and ride horses, cross the hanging bridges and sip line across the rain forest. That's some if the things I did in my recent trips to Costa Rica and it was a fun time for me and my friends.

Simply do a quick Google search online for bundles and you will find similar tours like these. Or you can go online and seraph la Fortuna in Costa Rica and call the venues onces you're in the country. Many times the tours will pick you up in a bus and take you to your destination. There the guy will explain the ropes to you and hook you up to the ropes, wire literally. 

When we went zip lining we went with a group of people and ride 8 or ten lines until the end. It was an exhilarating experience because I have never done anything like that before. You could see the whole forest in front of you while you're zipping across the tree good hi friends if feet in the air. 

Next, we went rappelling. That's basically scaling the a rock wall near the water. It's very hard to do but you basically just hang yourself back and let your rope confront of you as you rappel down the wall to the bottom. 

You can also cross the hanging bridges. Something I find quite terrifying but there are a series of rope bridges that you can cross. You will be above the forest and see the expanse of the scenery in front of you. It is a very rugged and adventurous experience. 

Finally, we went horse back riding. This one is fun because the guide will help everyone get the horses ready and give everyone helmets and equipment to take on the ride. First they will teach your how to walk the horses then you will earn how to run them. You will see the green rolling hills and the mountains in front of you in the country as you take your house out to run. I took my horse to the river to get a drink if water and almost got stuck. However, we managed to make it back with the help of the guide. 

I'm thankful for the experience and would like to do it again one day. If you Kirk adventure and don't mind getting dirty, I suggest doing a bundle like we did that way you can get a full experience while in La Fortuna. 

My experience with PTSD, depression, anxiety and medicationr

When the tragic news reached my family, I didn't know how to cope. I was in and out of rehab seeking help for my mental relapses as I searched for peace in the storm. The doctors at first prescribed me Haldol and Risperadal which left me feeling disoriented most days to say the least. Then I became sober for two years after graduating with my associates degree in mass communication in 2016. However I began to develop a anxiety about what others might think about me and stigmatize me because of the trauma in my family's life. I developed a type of social anxiety that would make me feel the need to avoid public speaking as much as possible. I became depressed  because I couldn't concentrate at school and my support system was so far away from me; communication was terrible. I felt these feelings were affecting my performance at in school, my relationships and my goals because I get so tired so easily. As a result, I felt disadvantaged and and isolated by life's circumstances. Therefore, I took a step of faith by seeking professional help for trauma and anxiety.. 

Near the end of the program for my bachelor's degree in mass communication in 2029, I saught help and began speaking with a therapist assigned by the state of Florida, to tell them about my symptoms. They ended up scheduling teletherapy sessions with a professional and giving me Prozac and Risperadal for PTSD, depression and anxiety. 

My therapist gave me a sheet of paper to read, which talks about negative self talk and how to turn that around into positive self talk. I have to review it often to think about what it says and work on changing my thought patterns. Next, I feel my symptoms diminished to an extent as I'm taking medication but I do not feel dependant on them. I'm sleeping better at night and in having sweeter dreams. 

I realize I'm not the only one going through and recovering from traumatic events in life . I hope that my blog posts reach and inspire other young females to be brave and write their own stories with kife. And really I owe it all to my fait, which is the main reason why I'm still here. It is the reason that drives me to be a writer and it is the reason why I'm seeking help. In my family, we have history of depression and anxiety but we believe in God's love and power through Jesus Christ that we can triumph over all of that. I'm still a work in progress and I hope that one day I won't be dependent on medication and that I will receive closure about those traumatic life experiences while helping others overcome theirs one post at a time. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Give yourself a girly self care day

I love a little mini girl's day to boost my self-esteem. I will take out my hair straighter, perfumes, and makeup to make myself feel like a princess. What a better way to spend some days inside being a girl as a self-care day to yourself.  I like to spend some of my days this way because afterward I feel better about myself, 
I feel relaxed and I feel more confident. 

Usually, when I start by pulling out my hair straighter, I begin to feel so much better because I know that by the time I'm done curling my hair I will look like a princess  I love to do the curly hair trick that I learned to do here on YouTube. It's a simple way of using the hair straighter to get bouncy curls really quickly. And ever since I cut my hair short, I have been flawlessly blending my hair extensions into my hair to enjoy long princess-like tresses  I enjoy using extensions because they extra volume the hair that you might not already naturally have. And if you blend them incorrectly, you can't even tell they are in your hair in the first place. 

By the time I'm done playing with my hair, I begin to look through all of my perfumes. I only have three perfumes that I like to use right now, midnight Dfantasy by Brittany Spears, Gabrielle by Chanel and wild Blackberry and Vanilla Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and BodyWorks. Each of these fragrances I got on a discount on previous trips to Costa Rica but I'm sure you can get them on Amazon. Please click on the links to shop for yourself or a loved one.. 

Anyway, I enjoy these fragrances because they smell clean and remind me of the ocean in some way. Except for Gabrielle which has a pop of fruity fragrance like berries when you spray it on yourself. I feel that each of these leaves you feeling and smelling fresh out of the shower. 

By the time I finish my hair and chosing my fragrance I usually think about the make up I want to wear for the day. I've been using E.L.F. cosmetics lately and I really love it for its quality and affordability. Moreover, most days I try to go for something that accentuates my eyes; other days if I want to wear a red lip I will go softer on the eyes. But I always love to do my eyebrows. They always say that the eyebrows frame the face  When I don't want to do anything else really exciting in my make up I will usually just do my eyebrows to make me feel more confident about myself. 

When I'm done doing my make up, I will put on my favorite pair of skinny jeans and strap on a pair of my favorite high heels. Even if I'm not going to go out for the day I like to get dressed up just because its a fun girly thing to do. Immediately, I feel better about myself to become I took some time out of my day to get dressed and just be myself. Its fun walking away from the vanity looking and smelling amazing first thing in the morning. 

Then when I'm all done, I will sit down and enjoy a glass of Tampico orange juice, which is my favorite drink. Even if I don't have anywhere to go out to show off my hair and makeup I feel better because I even got ready for the day. What better way to lounge around than to curl your hair and wear some high heels around the house just because. 

Be kind to your skin

Sometimes I notice that when I take care of my skin, I am rewarded for my efforts. For example, sometimes when I take the time out if my busy schedule to wash and exfoliate my face, I feel the stress disappear and my outlook on life changes fir the positive. 

I let my stress wash right down the drain with my coffee scrub and hydrating avocado face mask. No more worries as I sit for a moment and soak in the moisturizing benefits of my face wash. Life treats me a little smoother fir just a moment. 

Try this scrub and face mask the next time you want to treat yourself 

Coffee and olive oil or honey 

According to Brit + Co follow these instructions: 

1. Cut 2-3 avocados in half. Discard the pits.

2. Using your hands, pull out the avocado and mash it up. Transfer to a medium bowl.

3. Add 1/4 cup of honey to your avocado mix.

4. Use a muddler or masher to blend the mixture together.

5. Scoop out of a bowl and into a jar to keep in the fridge. (Note: This mask mix has a shelf-life of 3-5 days.)

6. To use, rub onto your face with your hands. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Now before we start mixing, let’s talk about the benefits of each of these two super ingredients.

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